Hi! My name is Jiro Tamase. I am a designer of many disciplines. I am very well-versed in many things artsy, including illustration, web, print, and the occasional code, and also held titles such as “Graphic Designer”, “Flash Animator”, “Interactive Designer”, “Concept Artist”, and even “The Filipino Jesus”. I work in both traditional art and digital by using a variety of highly appropriate tools and software to cater to the demand.

I am just a simple, fun-loving guy who loves to be at home and hang out with my family. I love tech and fixing computers. I should have been a computer engineer, but Math failed me! I like playing video games. I am currently playing Destiny and Diablo 3. I love watching movies at home and doing cartoon marathons, and reading comic books and graphic novels. I love Ramen, medium-rare steak, oysters and wings. I also enjoy reading design blogs and looking for awesome and trendy products online. –>

My goal for the coming months and years is to learn new things to better myself everyday. I currently live in Culver City, California with my gorgeous wife and adorable son.

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