Jonah and the Big Fish

Personal | Interactive Book Concept | Product Designer | 2010


To design an interactive children’s book that retells the story of Jonah featuring amazing animation, sound, narration, and content that will keep the children immersed and engaged.


This interactive book will have basic page navigation with timed animation on each page that retells the story of Jonah. Story is told through awesome animated scenes that are animated per page. Each page will feature interactive objects that children can press on and look at and listen to. The book will also have a save feature where you can pick up from where you left off, and also a progress tracker. Children can also look for objects they can collect in each page that are hidden. The narration feature will allow the parents to record their voice while reading through the book and the children can play it back anytime.



Main Title Screen:

UI Elements:


Sample Page:

Big Fish:

Jonah Concept Art: