Mouse and Pointer

Age of Learning ( | Flash App | Product Designer | 2010


To create a how to use a mouse tutorial for children who will be using This basic tutorial will be introduced at the beginning of the subscription to give parents a fun and interactive way of teaching their children how to use a mouse. The product gives you an option to choose the Apple Magic Mouse or a standard windows 2-button mouse. It also features a linear flow that triggers with basic mouse actions.


Mouse and Pointer Tutorial is my first product project with Age of Learning. This was a fun challenge. It took me and one of the developers around 3 weeks to build from design to completion. Since it was 2010, we were still using the Flash Platform to publish it to the web app. The design process went smoothly, and all activities that I did concepts for were approved. I used Flash to design and animate all the art assets that were needed in the project and worked with the developer to implement it. I occasionally looked at the code to do trial and error testing for some coded animation.


Title Screen:

Mouse Option:

Activity Screens: