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To use Sketch as a main design app without relying on other software. Create an app that will use AR.


This WIP is my take on a star chart/map app. My concept for this app is to be a basic star chart, with a built-in AR function. This function can then be made into an interactive game where the user can hold the device up to the sky and based on their current location and position, an interactive star map will be shown on screen and overlay where the constellations will be. Part of the basic features will also include news feeds from top astronomy sites and blogs to keep user up to date with information that’s relevant to the science. From a designer point of view, I have been learning how to use sketch for a while and I find Sketch a combo of the Adobe apps that I use. It is very easy with vectors and rasters, and layering is more organized. I found it more intuitive and quick to use and I can’t wait to try it on some other things that I want to do.


Title Screen:



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