Chat System

UI Re-skin: Jiro Tamase

The chat ui is another re-skin of the original based on the new ui kit. Chat has 4 different sections: System, Teams, Global and Private. There’s also the “Race Chat” feature where you can chat during multiplayer races. That chat environment is only available when you’re in the multiplayer lobby.

The blue glow under the avatar photo indicated your active chat window. The red glow indicated you have a chat message in a window.

System Section

The “System Section” is where you receive in-game notifications and messages for events, updates and information from the content team. This is a one way messaging from the system to the user. It is read-only on the user’s side. The blue glow is under Alex’s photo which means this is your active window. (Alex is your in-game NPC guide.)

Teams Section

This section allows you to communicate directly with your team. You can only use this if you are part of a team.

If you are not currently part of a team, this is what you’ll see.

Global Chat

Global Chat as the name implies, is a chatroom that allows you to chat with every player that is currently active in a particular server. It is an open room for all Racing Rivals player to chat. When you send a message, the chat message box will appear slightly brighter than other users. This is done for you to distinguish which message is yours without reading the names one by one.

Private Chat

Private Chat allows you to directly message another Racing Rivals user, either from the global chat or from your friend’s list. If your friend or contact is offline, you will not be able to send messages to them.

Race Chat

This chat system is only available in the Multiplayer section of the game. This is your way of communicating with other users in the multiplayer lobby that you are in. If you want to use the other chat features, you will still be able to access them through the top navigation bar. This image shows how the Race Chat behaves when you receive messages from the lobby.

This image shows an active Race Chat window.