Wearable + Device Game Concept

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I decided to not name it Apple Watch since we have all these wearables from other companies as well.  I think if the device has all the sensors especially NFC, the game can work on it.  Here’s another update for the game concept.  This is a little bit longer than yesterday’s.  Your feedback and comment is greatly appreciated. Thank you for being patient.

To the reader:

This write up covers the basic gameplay.  It explains the basic mechanics and interactions of the game.  It DOES NOT explain technicalities of activities done per class, points earned, skill trees, and the classes themselves.  I am still looking for the best theme to be used in the game.  (Sci-fi, Medieval Fantasy, Mafia/Noir).  Please take these into consideration when you give me a feedback.

Story: (Working)


– Is to create an open, real world interactive game that will allow players to meet up in a casual social, community setting.  This can cater to events that can help the community and the neighborhood in building a well-rounded relationship through something fun and exciting.

– Is to create an open, real world interactive game that bridges the gap between physical fitness and gaming itself.  Creating a way for casual gamers like us to move and have a reason to be out and about.

– Is to create a game where people in all walks of life can play.  A game where you can’t brag about winning because of your fictional character, but a character that you build up yourself.

Mechanics: (needs work)

Build up character by building yourself.  Choose from different classes to cater to your daily lifestyle and more.  Build up your active lifestyle, your social life and community through this awesome game.

Player-Level Mechanics:

(need more minds for this)

As the main character of the story, you will start your journey by choosing a class of your liking.  It could be one of the following choices:

Strength-based Class

Skill-based Class

Economy-based Class

Intelligence-based Class

Each class will cater to your current lifestyle and will add more challenges along the way.  If you want a more challenging game, you pick a class opposite to your current lifestyle.

The class that you select will give you challenges, goals and achievements to help you build your character.  The beginning of the game will start in training mode where you learn all the basics of the game (20-30min) then the NPC will give you your first weapon based on class, basic armor and 5 potions.

Basic UI:

Home – Main screen where you can manage your character.

Shop – You can buy additional Items here.

Events – Community Events, it can be weekly or months events, Merchant events (Sales, Shop Local, etc.)

Inventory – Where your items are stored and where you can equip yourself.  Stash can only be found at home.

Smith – Weapons Shop, and craft

Personal Merchant – Where you get special items from the  game.

Training School – Skills shop and learn

Clan/Alliance Interaction – Social activities, donation, build base/fortress, level up fortress(Advanced)

Local Events (Soon) –Swap meet for the game, at a specified date, PVP meet-ups, Trade Event, Territories (Potentially Dangerous??)

Chat – Talk to other players

Basic Resource – Soft Currency/Hard Currency/Advanced Resource, you buy or you earn as bonus in game.

Basic Interaction:

Interaction and leveling up can be achieved when you’re on the move or doing specific goals.  For example, if your character is an intelligence-based character, you can open our partner digital book app then it will track your time when you read.

Daily rewards are dropped to your phone around 5 or 6pm and/or when you get home from work, or school.  You always get rewards at home.

GPS detects you are in the park, and you can walk around the park twice to increase stamina. Once you reach your goal, it would then be allocated to XP.

Working out = strength

Reading(on the device) = intelligence

so on and so forth..

In a sense, each activity(this is a concept, technicalities can be discussed at a later time), is an important factor to build up your character.

Leveling Up:

Characters will level up by doing their specific daily goals, destroy obstacles, doing training and get achievements.  Each event will have XP given accordingly.  If your device is not with you at the moment, any activity will not be registered and will not add up to your XP.  In reading for intelligence-based characters, front cameras will be used to track your face, motion sensors if you’re holding your device, and the screen if you’re scrolling so the data can be added to your progress.


This will be a location-based event. During your goals, you can expect obstacles and enemies pop up along the way. Your will be notified that you have approached an enemy, Run or Fight?

Fighting UI:

Health Bars – Yours and the opponent(s)

SP/MP bar – yours

EXP bar – yours

Attack List – These are the set of attacks/moves you have default for your character.  You can always modify it in your Training school.

Weapon interaction – For skill/magic moves, you will be given a chance to boost damage with extra sequential moves or interactions.

Items – Use power ups within the fight you can equip up to 2 by default

Belt – potions


There’s a chance for you  too flee from battle or the enemy will  catch up to you.  Take X amount of steps to flee


This will be a turn-based fighting. You will have the options of moves that you have learned in time to use, swiping(or tapping for ranged weapons) the screen will do your default basic attack.  You can choose up to 3 Basic attacks and 2 Skill moves.  Skill moves will use up SP or MP and will be limited to the SP you have.  When you get wounded, you can always use potion to heal yourself, or gain more SP.  When you run out of HP, you have 7 sec to use a revive potion, pay for revive or just go back to home.


If you win the fight, you will get to loot the monster. The game will automatically do this and will give you the list of items you have.  On this screen, you have the option of throwing some away or taking them.  If you have an economy-based character, just take them all.  You will also earn EXP after winning a battle.  Your character will heal overtime, but you can always use potion.


After losing a battle, you will be given 7 seconds to revive using a potion, revive by paying with EXP, adv. resource, special revive item(phoenix egg), or go back home.  When your character faints, you will no longer be able to interact with him/her until you get home(location based).  All accumulated data will be stored until you reach home and it will then be added to your progress.  You still win in a way but not as high as winning a battle.  You can still finish your goals but your points will be deducted based on your level.


These events can range from personal to interpersonal events where you get to meet and interact with other players in your neighborhood, town, school, or etc.  These events are not limited to just “game events” but rather we encourage people to create community service events that will have an impact to your character.  For example, a community clean-up event can help you gain more EXP and Skill points with a buff that is only activated during the time and location of the event.  You can also get special items from organizers.  Events can also be PVP Tournaments.

These events can be as basic as a family gathering to a full-blown convention.

Merchant Events:

This type of event caters to the economy-based characters where they can sell goods at good prices.  Of course you can support the event by purchasing items and donating using real money.  It is optional to use real money.  The main currency in this event is the in-game currency.  This event can only be done in public places. IF the event is done in places where you need to pay rent, the organizers are the ones to responsible for it.  Merchant events can also be sponsored by retail partners so players can get exclusive in-game items from them.

Shop and Scanning:

Your basic shop is found in your home where you get all basic items and random special items depending on the day.  You can also go to a retail store to scan the items there like treasure hunting.  Hopefully we can partner with brands and retail stores so they can give in-game items, resource, and other cool and useful incentives when you shop/scan in their stores.  For example, NERF has a new gun, you scan the bar code and you get the gun in-game for limited use and availability for in-game purchase.  If you purchase the NERF gun itself, you can redeem the code from the gun and you get it in-game.

You can also hunt for weapon parts and items in different stores for crafting.

Taking a picture of an item can also be an additional resource for potion making and other additional items.

Health and Home, and Base Locations:

When you are home you are rested, no one can invade your home. No one will know where you live. You will only be found at a close proximity using NFC and LTE. once the phone, watch and GPS detects that you are home, you are clearly of the grid. Your HP and SP/MP will regenerate depending on how long you stay at home.

A clan can also set up a base, for example a park or a local hang out. No one can invade a base unless a challenge is accepted. If no one is in the base, members can set up defenses to protect the base, otherwise, it can be over run. No one can setup a base at a residence for it’s a security and privacy concern.


As in every game, you can pick up loot, or fight monsters.. These monsters are everywhere. The game will put monsters in different locations and in different areas of where you possibly walk your dog, and you gain XP and loot for defeating them. You can also find chests in other locations and special items in-store. Just a reminder, this is still a concept and it can be expanded throughout the universe. Technicalities later.

Ex. You can harvest wood by going to the park, using your phone to take a photo of a tree or trees, gather water by going to a lake/beach, etc.

We can also introduce a “Smith” class where you can make weapons and tools that you can use for harvesting. Or you can make it on your own.